Social Media Coordinator / Sublime Public Relations / Missoula, MT

Sublime Public Relations/Missoula, MT

Sublime Public Relations is hiring a Social Media Account Coordinator to develop and implement social media programs for agency clients including sporting goods, international adventure travel, and high-end recreational real estate.

The ideal candidate for this job will be absolutely thrilled to learn that Sublime Public Relations is based in Missoula, Montana.

Job Responsibilities:

�?� Coordinate and execute all social media initiatives for agency clients
�?� Develop, write and manage content for social media programs and promotions
�?� Actively build followers and fan-base within social media channels
�?� Identify influential on-line communities and create a plan for engagement
�?� Monitor on-line conversations and engage according to pre-established guidelines
�?� Organize, analyze, and summarize web analytics
�?� Design and monitor metrics to determine effectiveness of social media efforts
�?� Stay up to date on new media tools, best practices, and how other organizations and companies are using these communication tools

Job Requirements:

�?� Excellent written and verbal communication skills
�?� Solid understanding of search engines and SEO best practices
�?� Ability to work independently and quickly and as part of team to execute tasks
�?� Desire to juggle multiple tasks for multiple different accounts
�?� Proven success developing and managing social media outreach across multiple channels
�?� 2+ years of experience coordinating social media in-house or as part of an agency
�?� Eagerness to live in Missoula, Montana
�?� Previous public relations agency experience is a bonus

If you have the skills described and want to live in a liberal, college town where days are spent working so nights and weekends can be spent on the rivers, trails, or slopes �?? send us a resume/cover letter with proof of your social media cred.

Bonus points for contacting us via a social media channel.

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