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Jobs2web/Minnetonka, MN

The Technical Writer/SEO Data Analyst will manage a busy queue of deadline driven work supporting the Project Management and Client Services teams in the work these teams do to build out and update websites. The individual will need to be able to build rapport and credibility quickly with both internal and external clients as an SEO expert and technologically savvy individual.

The Technical Writer/SEO Data Analyst's role at Jobs2Web is in technical production of SEO-focused pages in alignment with client strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals. The individual will create search engine optimized copy, work with keyword and market databases and utilize our in-house wizard to create a large database of SEO pages focused on functional areas and locations. The Technical Writer/SEO Data Analyst will also be responsible for writing Lucene search strings to route relevant jobs into the appropriate pages.

In this role, the individual will also be tasked as a subject matter expert with our current SEO strategy, best practices, capabilities and limitations related to our product. The individual will be tasked with setting up sites for optimal SEO performance by providing meta data and sculpting pages. This individual will use web analytics and other Jobs2web's metrics to perform SEO audits to improve and maintain client SEO performance.

A basic working knowledge of website design and development as well as a strong background in writing are required. Additional experience in a technical, SaaS, recruiting, or HR role are a plus.

This individual must thrive in a fast-paced, team environment and must be a self-starter with strong multi-tasking abilities. In addition, the individual must have transparent, open, proactive, and polished communication skills.

Required Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in Journalism, English, Professional or Technical Writing, Business, Human Resources, Communications, or related field that gives the individual an appreciation of data and words as they relate to trends and patterns
- Excellent technical writing and editing skills
- Be well versed in SEO best practices and terminology
- Proven ability to master various custom-built content management systems and databases
- 1+ years' experience in data analysis or manipulation, or SEO/technology field
- Strong computer skills (MS Office, familiarity with multiple browsers, internet knowledge)
- Excellent organizational ability with close attention to detail, patterns with words, and process
- Broad knowledge of web design, SEO, product capabilities, social networking and interactive recruiting
- Experience working directly with internal and external clients throughout all levels of the organization to come up with creative solutions to problems

Desired Skills:

- Previous recruiting, HR, SaaS or technology experience
- Experience working on a remote team
Personal Attributes:

- Positive and proactive work ethic, �??can-do�? attitude
- Open, transparent individual with an accountable attitude, coachable and approachable
- Exceptionally self-motivated and directed, goal-oriented
- Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities
- Stays organized under pressure
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Ability to be both a collaborative team player as well as strong, reliable self-starter and individual contributor comfortable working in a dynamic, fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
- A joint interest in people (internal and external clients), data, and technology

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